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2015/2016 Yamaha R1/R1M/R1S Rearset Kit - Black Finish

GiaMoto USA

  • $ 57500

2015 Yamaha R1/R1M/R1S Rearset Kit by GiaMoto
These rearsets are manufactured from solid blocks of 6082T6 aluminum. They have
first been modelled in SolidWorks CAD software then CNC machined to perfection.
No brackets or pressure switches are required to assemble them. All standard fittings are re-used as with the original equipment. The rearsets install as per the OEM items but with the added advantage of rider adjustability and precise control brake/shift actions.

The foot-peg can be moved 10mm up and down and 10mm forward and back from the standard position. In addition we offer optional extended peg carrier for those riders requiring an even greater range of adjustment.

The gear-lever can be used in race or road mode and runs on dual precision bearings with a grade 5 CNC machined pivot screw featuring a drilled and engraved head. All other fasteners are also grade 5 titanium a feature unique in rears kit suppliers. It also features an eccentric gear tip end to provide further rider adjustment.

The brake side is machined to take the standard brake light switch and fittings. The brake-lever has an adjustable brake-tip/end which can be moved forward and back and rotated 90 degrees to change its height. Both heel guard plates have been machined from 12mm plate and are CNC machined with 3D louvres.

Again as with all our products the individual rearset components can be supplied seperately in the unfortunate event of a crash.

Designed, manufactured & hand assembled in England by GiaMoto Uk

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